Character Designer / Visual Development Artist

After I graduated with a BFA in Communication Art and Design from KMITL University in Thailand, it took me a while to realize Visual Development was a viable career option. I worked as a freelancer while taking online art courses to learn more about Visual Development to improve my skills as a character designer, so one day I could make a living doing what I love. After working with game developers, I have gained the confidence and experience needed to showcase my art. I would love to work in an environment that allows me to create and to tell stories that connect and inspire people. I would definitely be willing to relocate in order to do what I love.
Bangkok, Thailand


King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) Bangkok, Thailand
Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Communication Art & Design
2010 - 2014

First Flight Mentorship
Visual Development Workshop/Mentorship with the Oatley Academy


Freelance Game Artist
Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG (Burnt Games)
Idle Hero Defense (Iron Horse Games LLC)
Upcoming Projects (Iron Horse Games LLC)

Freelance Graphic Designer
DTAC Reward Infographic Animation (Hot Tab Studio)
Presentation Animation (COMAU Company)
5 Episodes Infographic Animation (Krajokhokdan Television Show)
DBS Infographic Animation (Click Design Studio)
Museum Siam Infographic Animation (Click Design Studio)
Thailand Food Innopolis (Visualize Lab)
ThaiPBS Channel: 19 Episodes Infographic Animation (Visualize Lab)
Thailand Food Innovation Forum 2018 (Expolink Global Network Ltd.)
Presentation Animation (
Presentation Animation (

Intern at Mad A-rai D (Bangkok, Thailand)
GMM Music Festival Campaign : Big Mountain Music Festival 5
GMM Concert Campaign : Secret Garden


Bangkok International Digital Content Festival (BIDC)
Topic : How planning and teamwork created the world of Zootopia by Bradford Simonsen Topic : Concept Art for Hollywood feature films by James Fitch

Schoolism Art Courses
Enroll on Visual Development Online Courses
2016 - Present


Traditional - Watercolor, graphite, and ink

Digital - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Premier Pro

Other - Flexible with multitasking projects, work quickly, be able to producing work that satisfies the unique schedules, needs, and working styles of my clients, as well as allowed me to learn to communicate with a variety of people.

Languages - English and Thai(Native)